4 Jenis Pembahagian Hipnosis Utama
May 15, 2020

Hypnosis – this covers specific techniques within hypnosis that can be used in all styles of the modality. Like instant inductions, trance state, etc.

Ethical Conversational Hypnosis – which can be used in many different settings, pretty much anywhere where a conversation with another person(s) take place. Like in business negotiations to close deals like a pro, talking with a friend to help them get over a past hurt, or even bonding closer with your kids while still maintaining authority.

Hypnotherapy – which is specifically to help people stop smoking, lose weight, get over phobias, deal with childhood traumas, and more. This style of hypnosis is primarily focused on healing, however it can also be useful for self development or motivating people to reach the next stage of their career.

Self Hypnosis – self hypnosis is when you hypnotize yourself! If you’re looking to motivate yourself, or discover more about who you are at your core. This form of hypnosis is perfect for people that may not have a ton of willing subjects to practice on too. All you need is you to get started.

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